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We are involved in complex negotiations with DISD representatives about our having access to the old building and the official go ahead to build the museum.Please be patient with us as we continue to accept any and all donations into our climate controlled collection of every type of Adamson memorabilia imaginable. Donations can be sent to Adamson Alumni Association, P.O Box 4753, Dallas, 75208.Roy Appleton, writer for The Dallas Morning News, posted this article on the News’ Oak Cliff Blog on May 23, 2014:By Roy Appleton
May 23, 2014Adamson alumni still requesting space for museum in historic school building, keeps giving to studentsAs for landmark designations (previous post), Adamson High School alumni had a tougher time clearing the procedural hurdles than did their friendly rivals at Sunset High School.The Adamson group had to overcome initial opposition from the Dallas school district to secure city landmark status for the now almost century-old campus. The group was motivated by concern that the district planned to raze the historic structure to make way for a new school.DISD backed off, built the replacement nearby and in the end didn’t oppose landmark status for the building that now has state and federal designations as well. See the local designation document below.Today the building, erected in 1915 to house Adamson’s predecessor Oak Cliff High School, sits mostly vacant at East Ninth Street and Beckley.Adamson alumni leaders have asked the district more than once for permission to use part of the space for a museum of school memorabilia. They say Superintendent Mike Miles embraced the idea early on, but since then their requests to his underlings have gone nowhere.When we have inquired about the proposal, responses have been vague and varied. So have our inquiries about the future of the landmark building.But the alumni remain vigilant about protecting their alma mater. And they keep on giving to the school and its students.Since 1947, the Adamson High School Scholarship Foundation has supported 1,238 graduating seniors with $1.6 million toward their ongoing education.On Wednesday, 18 seniors were awarded $45,000 in scholarships to attend colleges and universities. The support is based on academic achievement and financial need.The alumni board on Tuesday donated $2,500 to the school’s Leopardette’s drill team. By the way, the Adamson football team, band and drill team will play and perform next fall at the Cowboy’s AT&T Stadium, after winning a contest to secure pledges against domestic violence.Funding for such support comes from a variety of events and initiatives. Most recently, for example, the benefit concert by Michael Martin Murphey (Adamson class of ’63) raised $7,229. And sales of Lon Oakley’s (class of ’65) book Two Deaths and an Arrest have added $3,000 to the help chest.

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