Adamson Alumni Association

The Adamson Alumni Association was a spinoff from the Adamson Scholarship Foundation, and was originally intended to be another vehicle which could be used to increase the Scholarship Foundation’s endowment so that more four-year scholarships could be awarded. Ultimately the Alumni Association discovered many new ways of benefitting the school and its students, both present and past, and now stands on its own merits and accomplishments. The Association strives to protect the school’s long-held traditions and outstanding achievements.

Among the former students who founded the Adamson Alumni Association in the fall of 1999 were Glenn Straus and Dudley M. Hughes Jr., both of the 1959 class. Glenn served as the President of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association for the first eight years of its existence, and Dudley served as Vice President until 2005. During this time The Adamson Alumni Acorn newsletter, named after the school newspaper, was established. The Acorn newsletter helped reconnect approximately 6,300 Adamson alumni with former classmates and also established a rapport with the current school administration, faculty, and student body. Current president John Ruiz (class of ’67), has served in various board capacities since the association was founded, including Treasurer and Vice President, and has led the association since 2008.

The Alumni Association Board is currently made up of 17 dedicated members who meet once a month. The Board has been involved in numerous fund-raising projects which have resulted in generous donations to the school itself, the school athletic, music, and drama departments, as well as to the drill team, ROTC, and other school groups.

In addition, the Association hosts the Annual All Class Reunion and Golf Tournament every spring. This popular event brings together hundreds of Adamson alumni for a two-day fundraiser and celebration of our connection as former classmates and lifelong friends. The Saturday afternoon program reminds graduates of the grand history of the school, which was established in 1903 as Oak Cliff School.

John Ruiz, Class of '67

I am honored to have led the Adamson Alumni Association since being elected President in 2008. Following in founding President Glenn Straus’ footsteps, I am committed to our continued efforts to ensure the long-term stability and viability of the alumni association. I look forward to the opportunity to work with the alumni board and the school administration to advocate for the growth of  the alumni association, and to serve our students, our graduates, and our community. – John Ruiz, President

Bottom row: Evelyn Henderson Boring (’56), LaBetha Byers Boyer (’68), Mona Greene Clark (’48), Betty Baird Bogart (’66), Deanna Sackett Venable (’72), Martha Wiley Berry (’68), Minnie Elliott/Busby Titsworth (’59), Janice Coffee (’61), and Sue Tucker Roberts (’61). Top row: Rod McFarland (’62), Terry Greene (’59), Glenn Straus (’59), Johnny Ruiz (’67), Don Coke (’44), Bob Johnston (’59), former member Phil Howell (’65). Not pictured: Genaro Lopez (’81), Judy Coffee Halstead (’63), and Lon Oakley (’65)

Adamson Alumni Association Board of Directors

Please email any of our board members to learn how you can get involved or if you have other questions about our association.